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Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche Bunkers Hill, Castlewellan

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Scéalta na Samhna / November News

A thuismitheoirí agus a chairde,

Ar dtús báire, ba mhaith liom buíochas mór ó chroí a ghábháil libh as ucht bhur bhflaithiúlacht leis an Siúlóid Urraithe an mhí seo caite.  Saothraíodh méid iontach - £1100! Cuideoidh sé seo go mór linn chun íoc as hallaí dár seónna i rith na bliana, as turais na ranganna agus gearradh an fhéir.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your terrific generosity to our Sponsored Walk last month, which raised a fabulous £1100. This helps to support our school and our pupils in many ways, such as paying for the use of halls for our various shows during the year, covering the cost of buses for class trips and contributing towards the grounds maintenance costs.

I am sure you have all been watching the progress of our new classrooms, which are currently being built, almost as eagerly as we have! When they are completed this will allow our pupils to avail of better equipped and more properly sized classrooms. We hope that the double classroom unit will be ready by the end of November, but are still awaiting confirmation. When the new classrooms are ready, we will begin a moving process that will see most of our classes being moved so as to avail of properly sized classrooms and age-appropriate facilities. We hope this will be one of our last “big moves” as we will then have 5 properly sized classrooms. We will ask for your help and cooperation with this closer to the time. In the meantime we will go ahead with our Open Day / Evening on Tuesday 26th November, using the parts of the school that are currently ready.

Go raibh céad maith agaibh,


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Fire Safety Advice at Christmas

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Wednesday, 18th December 2019
Athletics NI coaching after schools club (3-4 pm for pupils in R4-7)
Friday, 20th December 2019
School finishes at 11am for Christmas holidays
Monday, 23rd December 2019
School closed Christmas holidays
Tuesday, 24th December 2019
School closed Christmas holidays
Wednesday, 25th December 2019
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Thursday, 26th December 2019
School closed Christmas holidays

ICT Excellence Award Winners / Buaiteoirí Barr Feabhais TFC

Tá áthas an domhain orainn gur roghnaíodh muid mar an bhunscoil is fearr sna Duaiseanna Barr Feabhais TFC i mbliana!

We are delighted to be chosen as Northern Ireland Schools ICT Excellence Awards primary winner for 2019!


Miss School, Miss Out!


Going to school regularly is important for your child's future. Parents are responsible for making sure their children receive full-time education. Parents are legally responsible for making sure that children attend school. If your child doesn't go to school, you could get fined or prosecuted. 

Benefits of school attendance

Good attendance at school is not just beneficial, it’s essential. Attending school is directly linked to improved exam performance which should in turn lead to further learning opportunities and better job prospects. As well as this, going to school helps to develop:

  • Friendships
  • Social skills
  • Team values
  • Life skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Career pathways

Absence from school

All schools must record details of pupils’ attendance and absence at school. They do this at the beginning of morning and afternoon sessions meaning that each day your child receives two half day marks.

If your child is going to be absent from school, (e.g. for an unavoidable appointment) then you should let the school know as soon as possible. If your child has been absent due to an unexpected event such as bereavement or illness then you must also let the school know on the first day of absence in accordance with the school’s attendance policy.

The school will then record the absence. If you fail to notify the school as to why your child has not been present then the school may record that period of absence as being unauthorised.

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) has access to all attendance information for each pupil and if your child is missing school without good reason, schools and the EA have the authority to find out why.

Attendance in figures

Schools will advise parents of a child's attendance levels at least once a year. This will usually include a percentage attendance figure.

Achieving 90 per cent in an exam or test is a fantastic result but if your child is at school for only 90 per cent of the school year then they will have missed 19 days - almost four whole weeks of school.

For primary-age children, this can mean almost 120 guided learning hours. This is a big gap for any child to make up.

This is especially true when pupils are being educated through the medium of Irish. For the vast majority of our pupils this is not the language of the home, therefore by missing school they are missing out on language acquisition skills, opportunities to practise and improve their Irish as well as other educational knowledge and benefits.