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Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche Bunkers Hill, Castlewellan

Clár Ama / Timetable

18th Mar 2020

A thuismitheoirí, even though the pupils may not be able to attend school as normal for a while it is vital to remember that routine and structure is still important for them. I'm attaching a suggested daily schedule in Irish and English which you might find helpful.

Can I also suggest that you stock up on "old school" activities for the coming weeks. (Many of these items are available in Pound shops or Secondhand / Charity shops.)

  1. jigsaws
  2. cellotape/colouring pencils / PVA glue (these can be used to create things from junk materials around the home, encouraging creativity)
  3. colouring books (can be used to reinforce tricky / high frequency words/ sums / Maths facts)
  4. play doh (can be used to create pictures, shapes, patterns and words). You can also make your own from flour, salt and water and food colourant.
  5. a bat and ball (or camán agus sliotar!) throwing, hitting and catching help develop hand/eye coordination and manual dexterity
  6. plastic magnetic letters, whiteboards, whiteboard pens
  7. Pencils, pencils, pencils!

While we are a Digital School and are well prepared for the challenge of Home-School Learning through Digital formats we also realise the benefits of "old school" activities. Technology is great and will help us to communicate and stay in touch in coming weeks, but these more old fashioned learning techniques also have their place in your children's development.